National Capital Area Crime Stoppers Double Down to Stop Gun Violence and Keep All Communities Safe: Double Tip Rewards up to $2000.

Gun violence remains a pressing issue in societies worldwide, and it is especially crucial for communities to come together and address this concern collectively. The National Capital Area Crime Stoppers, has taken a bold step to curb gun violence and keep our communities secure. By implementing double tip rewards of up to $2000, they have not only encouraged anonymous reporting but also demonstrated their commitment to eradicating this detrimental issue from our neighbourhoods.

One of the most effective strategies in promoting community safety is establishing mechanisms that encourage individuals to report crimes while ensuring their anonymity. By offering double tip rewards, the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers has amplified this incentive by encouraging more individuals to come forward and provide valuable information regarding gun violence. Anonymity plays a key role in assuring that those who submit tips will have their identities protected, thus minimizing potential fears or repercussions that may deter them from becoming proactive members of their communities.

Community safety should never be overlooked or dismissed as an individual’s concern alone. It is a collective responsibility shared by all citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic organizations, and community leaders. By augmenting the rewards for anonymously reporting gun violence, the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers not only proves their commitment to safer neighbourhoods but also rallies the entire community to actively participate in addressing this issue. This collaborative approach empowers residents, instilling a sense of responsibility within them to prioritize the safety and well-being of their neighbours, friends, and families.

The National Capital Area Crime Stoppers’ initiative to double tip rewards for reporting gun violence is a testament to their dedication to community safety. It sends a clear and powerful message that gun violence will not be tolerated. By encouraging anonymous reporting, the organization ensures that our fellow community members can participate without fear and contribute positively to our collective welfare. This move emphasizes the indispensable role each person plays in maintaining peace, security, and harmony within our neighbourhoods.

By doubling tip rewards up to $2000, the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers have significantly increased the incentive to report anonymously.

Residents are encouraged to submit tips by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or by submitting a tip online. Tipsters can also utilize the P3 Tips app, available for download on iOS and Android platforms.

(Ottawa) – The National Capital Area Crime Stoppers is pleased to be participating in Crime Stoppers Awareness month this January.


Crime Stoppers is a community-based tips program that allows members of the public to anonymously report information to police, managed in Ottawa by the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers.


This year’s theme for Crime Stoppers month is ‘Be a Crime Stopper. Keep Your Community Safe’.


“The foundation of Crime Stoppers is the partnership between the community, law enforcement and media. Crime Stoppers works to educate the public and create awareness on illegal activities in an effort to help promote the Canadian values of safety, empowerment and inclusion. Creating awareness and mobilizing Canadians in reporting suspicious or criminal activity anonymously requires a network of partners working together for a common end.”


The following radio spot was produced for Crime Stoppers Month to be broadcast by local radio stations in the Ottawa Area. A special thanks to Steve Gregory of CHUM MEDIA Inc. for the creation of these audio files. Click on the play button below to listen to the spot.




Ottawa police say the following tips can help protect your vehicle from thieves:

  • Park inside a garage if available (in Ottawa, no vehicle was stolen from inside a garage);
  • Block your vehicle in tightly against a second less sought after vehicle;
  • Use a steering wheel lock (i.e. “Club”) to deter thieves (keep in mind they can cut the steering wheel to remove it);
  • Install an Engine Control Module (ECM) port lock;
  • Install an after-market vehicle immobilizer and alarm;
  • Install after-market tracking devices or “GPS” – many of these have the ability to “fence in your car” notifying the owner’s smart phone if the vehicle leaves the established perimeter;
  • Install motion detection lights and exterior surveillance cameras at home – these can act as a deterrent;
  • Keep in mind that thieves have returned to steal the replacement vehicle when a vehicle had been stolen, so remain vigilant;
  • Neighbourhood watch is still the best defense – so please report any suspicious activity immediately to police at 613-236-1222.

Source: Sharp increase of Vehicle thefts in Ottawa – How to better protect your vehicle

A Matter of Crime – Webinar series

National Capital Area Crime Stoppers features law enforcement and experts in new bi-weekly informational Webinar series

Crime Stoppers partners with local law enforcement and experts to deliver valuable advice to help citizens and businesses better protect themselves physically and virtually


TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2021, National Capital Area Crime Stoppers today announced the kickoff of a new bi-weekly Webinar series, which will commence on Tuesday, April 13th at 7pm, and will run every second Tuesday evening. The series is designed to tackle some of the top concerns of citizens and businesses in the National Capital Area.


Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Crime Stoppers halted its usual and numerous in-person events, many of which were integral to raising visibility and awareness about crime and the organization’s role in crime resolution.


The new Webinar series, entitled “A Matter of Crime” will initially feature guest speakers from the Ottawa Police Service, who will cover advice and topics related to planning and protecting, such as, how to spot scams and fraud, personal safety, and protection of your home. Future Webinars will also include seasonal topics, such as bicycle theft, how to spot human trafficking, and more experts will provide timely and relevant advice.


“The pandemic has forced us to change the way we engage with the public and businesses. Crime Stoppers remains an important organization in our area in the communication of criminal activities and the subsequent resolution of crime,” said Richard McMullen, President and Chair of National Capital Area Crime Stoppers. “A Matter of Crime Webinar series provides a unique opportunity for local citizens and business owners to interact with law enforcement through our platform, get answers to questions, and receive valuable advice about how to spot crimes or protect against them.”


The Webinar format will feature approximately 15-20 minutes dedicated to a key topic, followed by a 15-30 minute Q&A for attendees. In keeping with Crime Stoppers’ mission to protect individuals’ anonymity, attendees will submit their typed question via the Webinar platform and the expert speaker will answer their question during the Webinar.


“Though many people are working from home and there are fewer vehicles on the road, crime continues to impact the National Capital area, and our citizens and business owners require access to information that will help them,” said Constable Jackalyn Getz, Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Ottawa Police Services. “The new Webinar series provides an opportunity to learn some of the best practices to help protect yourself physically and virtually, as well as your property and investments.”


National Capital Area Crime Stoppers is asking for a minimal payment of $10 dollars to participate in each Webinar, with an opportunity to donate more on the registration website, which anyone can sign up through


Twitter: @CSMatterOfCrime

January is Crime Stoppers Month

(Ottawa) – The National Capital Area Crime Stoppers is pleased to be participating in Crime Stoppers Awareness month this January.


Crime Stoppers is a community-based tips program that allows members of the public to anonymously report information to police, managed in Ottawa by the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers.


This year’s theme for Crime Stoppers month is ‘Helping all communities stay safe’.


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