Ottawa police say the following tips can help protect your vehicle from thieves:

  • Park inside a garage if available (in Ottawa, no vehicle was stolen from inside a garage);
  • Block your vehicle in tightly against a second less sought after vehicle;
  • Use a steering wheel lock (i.e. “Club”) to deter thieves (keep in mind they can cut the steering wheel to remove it);
  • Install an Engine Control Module (ECM) port lock;
  • Install an after-market vehicle immobilizer and alarm;
  • Install after-market tracking devices or “GPS” – many of these have the ability to “fence in your car” notifying the owner’s smart phone if the vehicle leaves the established perimeter;
  • Install motion detection lights and exterior surveillance cameras at home – these can act as a deterrent;
  • Keep in mind that thieves have returned to steal the replacement vehicle when a vehicle had been stolen, so remain vigilant;
  • Neighbourhood watch is still the best defense – so please report any suspicious activity immediately to police at 613-236-1222.

Source: Sharp increase of Vehicle thefts in Ottawa – How to better protect your vehicle