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Crime Stoppers ‘Bail or Jail’ returns to National Capital Area –

Popular fundraising event set for September 2018

Ottawa, Ontario – Today, National Capital Area Crime Stoppers announced the organization is bringing back the once popular “Bail or Jail” fundraising event, which will take place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre in Ottawa.

What is the ‘Bail or Jail’ fund-raising event?

Bail or Jail is an event in which local business owners, community leaders, celebrities and other supporters of Crime Stoppers help raise awareness about the importance of public support for police and policing organizations. The event raises money to fund cash rewards offered for anonymous tips. Public tips can provide key information to assist law enforcement in the solving of a crime.  Participants, known as “Jailees” are fictitiously ‘charged’ and/or ‘arrested’ and must raise their bail (donation money) to be released from Crime Stoppers’ custody.

What’s new, what’s different this year?

The 2018 Bail or Jail fundraiser now boasts a virtual component with the launch of a new website which allows “Jailees” to raise funds online, via a secure website, from the time they become Jailees up until the event.

“Crime Stoppers is an important not-for-profit organization in the National Capital Area that does not receive any taxpayer funding. We rely on business and public support to meet financial obligations of the program,” said Richard McMullen, NCA Crime Stoppers President and Board Chair.  “Bail or Jail was a much anticipated event for many years, in helping to fund the organization and help raise important awareness about the need for anonymous public support. This year, the Board decided it was time to bring it back and inject new life into it with a virtual element.”

The virtual fundraising over the next few months will conclude with a live event on September 26, 2018 at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre in an all-day affair where, in preserving tradition, ‘Jailees’ will face a ‘Judge’, who will read the charge and determine if the Jailee has raised a sufficient portion of the fine or “bail” to be released.

“We want to thank Billings Bridge Shopping Centre for their support and willingness to provide the venue for the Bail or Jail event. Today we are actively seeking ‘Jailees’ who are ready to jump in and start fundraising,” added McMullen. “And we are looking forward to the culmination of this hard work to bring out the friends, families and colleagues of the Jailees in a celebration at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre on September 26th.”

Interested “Jailees” are asked to visit to qualify for participation in the 2018 event.  Jailees are welcome to choose three types of participation: 1) online only, 2) in-person only, 3) both online and in-person.  Jailees can also select from four levels of fundraising commitment. Interested Jailees are asked to visit the website for more details.

Interested corporate sponsors are most welcomed and asked to visit us at

For more information about National Capital Area Crime Stoppers, please visit and follow us @CrimeStoppersOT



Richard McMullen, President and Board Chair

National Capital Area Crime Stoppers

Tel: 613-222-8394

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